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Social Media Marketing

Take the Fast Lane to Visibility

Specific Targeting

No one knows your ideal customer better than you do. Unlike radio, print, or tv, social media ads allow for hyper-specific targeting. This means none of your advertising budget is wasted on irrelevant audiences. Location, age, gender, interests, parental status, home ownership, income, online behavior, life events and more are all options for targeting.

Fast Traffic

Unlike organic traffic, paid traffic is a turn-key solution for businesses that need traffic yesterday. Using the right demographic targeting with the right message, executed at the right time can yield and excellent return on investment for virtually any business in any industry. Results are visible in real-time and best of all, they start at just $5 per day.

Grow Your Following

While paid ads can drive traffic quickly, social media engagement campaigns can grow your following with the people who want to stay up to date with your product, service, or brand. The bigger a following gets, the more people that can be re-targeted as your business changes and grows. Similar to SEO visibility, a large organic following is a perennially valuable asset.

Reach Anyone Anywhere

With over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone, businesses can’t afford not to have a presence on social media. In addition to reaching younger audiences, social media profiles engage more circles of influence beyond Google’s search results, and acts as an effective platform for disseminating information – turning fans into customers.

Test, Convert, Optimize, Repeat

Unlike any other kind of advertising, Social Media Ads don’t require months of planning, one long run and analysis for a “better luck next year” result. Social ads offer such a direct pipeline to quick traffic where strategies take days not months to implement, analyze, adjust and optimize. No other advertising medium offers more real-time information on audience engagement, views, clicks, and conversions.

Step On the Gas

Most businesses think more traffic is the solution to a sales problem. In reality, the biggest issue most companies face is a conversion problem. This is why we only recommend turn-key, high volume traffic to businesses that have a high-converting website or other social profile that actively turns traffic into customers. Once that engine is built, social media ad traffic can be nitrous in the gas tank – amplifying the success of an event, product launch, or promotion.

Check Out a Recent Case Study

While paying for Facebook advertising is a turn key solution for traffic, it doesn’t mean that traffic will convert. Split testing demographic targeting, ad text, and media is the best way to get your business valuable high converting traffic.

What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Facebook and Google Ads

“A lot of people come up with good ideas. You guys execute.”

-Top Producing Luxury Real Estate Broker


Online Image Management


“In a nutshell . . . great people, great skills, and great customer service. What more can you ask for!”

-Orange County Business Consultant

Facebook Ad Management

“My business has been growing by leaps and bounds… I attribute a lot of that growth to what you’re doing”

– Orange County’s Top Remodeling Contractor 


Facebook Ad, Yelp and Website SEO

“Things continue growing! A pleasure to work with”

– Winery and Event Venue


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