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Pay Per Click Advertising

When You Need The Top Of Search Results Immediately

Instant Ranking

While SEO efforts can take time to rank a website or profile, Google Adwords can put your ad at the top of Google’s search results for traffic rich keywords same day.

Fast Traffic

Paid traffic is a turn-key solution for businesses that need traffic yesterday. Driving inbound traffic to the right target with the right message is the fastest route to ROI.

Strategic Targeting

Stop wasting money chasing the most competitive, most expensive keywords in your industry. Improve the quality anquantity of clicks with well-researched keyword targets.

Informed Investing

Before putting your entire marketing budget into a media buy, learn which ads work and which do not. Pay per click ads let you split test to let purchases inform marketing decisions.

Market Smarter - Not Harder

Google pulls in around $360 Million per day from Adwords. Sadly, a massive amount of that revenue comes from businesses wasting their money on overly-competitive keyword targets with sub-par ads and tragically low-quality landing pages. Instead of setting money on fire with Adwords give us a call and see how to multiply your results without ballooning your budget.

Right Place, Right Time

Timing is a critical piece of the marketing equation. If your server crashes at 3am would you scroll through social media in hopes of finding a 24 hour IT company? Of course not but you are highly likely to click the top ad for a Google Search meeting that need. Adwords allows you to connect with customers already searching for your services. Best of all, the data collected while the ads grow in success helps inform search engine optimization and advertising targets.

Check Out a Recent Case Study

Its easy to spend a ton of money on Google Adwords. After optimizing their Adwords campaign, this self defense company received more clicks and conversions by reaching a more relevant audience without raising their ad spend one cent.

What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Google Adwords and Website SEO

“Internet marketing that actually gives you a return on the investment.”

-Natural Science Exterminating

Yelp and Website SEO

“Tim is absolutely wonderful to work with and an absolute wealth of knowledge! He has innovative & creative ideas to always keep you an edge above your competitors and he is quick to respond when needed. I would highly recommend his services to others, and have done so personally. Thank you!”

-Family Law Attorney

Online Image Management

“In a nutshell . . . great people, great skills, and great customer service. What more can you ask for!”

-Orange County Business Consultant

Website SEO

“It’s a pleasure to work with Tim and we are reaching great results.”

-Top Producing Real Estate Brokerage

So, What Are You Waiting For?


Thousands of people are searching for your products or services everyday. Can they find you? Is your online resume impressive enough to get people to make the phone call, fill out that form, purchase that product? We can help you determine if it is or not. Reach out to us and we will give you a full audit of your online presence for free! Call us today or fill out the form on the right.

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